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World Restoration Jaw Bone Housing cooperative's vast membership is drawn from both rural. This largely includes Kenyans within the low income bracket, often involved in the informal sector (small and medium businesses, agri-business, casual workers).

Our Guiding Principles.

Quality Service for our Members

Improving the quality of life for our members by offering competitive services and a relationship that values, empowers and respects individuals.

Democratic Member Control and Corporate Governance

All members have an equal right and opportunity in electing or being elected in managing the society. Commitment to high standards of corporate governance, based on ethical values, professionalism, and effective service delivery.

Concern for Environment

Maintaining a safe, healthy and efficient working environment through minimizing environmental impacts.

Concern for Community

Concern for the general community. Encouraging involvement in community programmes and socially responsible activities, with particular attention to issues relating to youth, gender and HIV/AIDS.


  • Housing
  • Property acquisition and investment
  • Lobbying and advocacy
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • HIV/AIDS awareness
  • Youth empowerment and Gender Equity