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Lobbying, Advocacy and Networking

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Kenya lacks sound legislation on housing and cooperative housing rights and policies. Furthermore, prohibitive interest rates on bank loans for development partnered with consistently poor infrastructure(water, electricity and security) create obstacles for gaining affordable and secure housing.
WRJBH aims to advocate for the rights of low and middle income groups so to enhance their access to adequate housing. By using strategic alliances among like-minded initiatives, collaborative activities, the media (including TV, print, Internet and radio) and accessible publicity materials (brochures, videos, information sheets), the society can relay its messages to the relevant bodies. Additionally, we trains our members on various subjects so to empower them to engage in local development committees and to address electoral offices. Through training sessions, members are educated on the processes through which they can speak to and influence the government and local officials

WRJBH is involved in deliberations locally, regionally and internationally in the areas of:

  • Cooperative policies
  • Housing policies
  • Security of tenure and stopping evictions
  • Land policies
  • Building by-laws
  • Housing micro-finance

WRJBH empowers groups to promote their own interests through the provision of training sessions on lobbying and advocacy and education on land, housing and environmental policies.


  • Housing
  • Property acquisition and investment
  • Lobbying and advocacy
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • HIV/AIDS awareness
  • Youth empowerment and Gender Equity