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Youth aged 15 to 30 years make up 32% of Kenya's population. This group is 60% of employable Kenyans yet only 25% are employed and many of those jobs do not match their qualifications and career aspirations. Many youth find it difficult to access high school and post-secondary education due to the high costs. In addition, idleness due to unemployment can often lead to risk-taking and criminal activity.

WRJBH aims to assist youth through ensuring that they have equal opportunities to access housing. Affordable and secure cooperative housing structures can assist youth in achieving safe living environments and the opportunity for personal development. WRJBH's Youth Policy ensures that youth can receive the training, support and access to opportunities to take on leadership roles within housing cooperatives, begin their own businesses, and contribute to the economic, political and social development of Kenya.WRJBH is developing a training program specifically designed to address the particular challenges youth face; livelihoods, HIV/AIDS and health promotion, gender equality and financial management.


  • Housing
  • Property acquisition and investment
  • Lobbying and advocacy
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • HIV/AIDS awareness
  • Youth empowerment and Gender Equity